Type of massageWholebody massage Partial massage
Classical massage35€/60min.20€/30min.
Cupping therapy39€/60min.25€/30min.
Lymphatic massage79€/120min.48€/60min.
Sport massage40€/60min.25€/30min.
Hot lava stones massage49€/70min.32€/35min.
Lava Bambou massage, 60 min.


This procedure combines eastern traditions in a new warm massage therapy with lava bamboo. Experience immediate muscle relaxation as soon as the Zen gripper touches you and pulls out muscle tension, causing it to feel relaxed. This massage releases the muscles, promotes blood flow and lymph flow. It is suitable for muscle tension, stress, for athletes and also as a tool in the fight against cellulite.

Coconut wave from Fiji, 70 min.


Unconventional body massage with heated coconut mosques using virgin coconut oil triggers self-healing and rejuvenating processes throughout the body and delivers energy and vitality. This massage is suitable for removing fatigue, regenerating and relaxing muscles. The amazing scent of pure coconut drone has a positive effect on the mental state of the organism. This procedure is completed with a wrap of coconut pulp and butter. Wrap the extra cosmetic massage at the bottom of your face during the wrap.

Sugar breeze from paradise – moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment: 70 min.


Procedure begins with skin treatment by mixture of coconut milk and extracts made from exotic nuts. This mixture has positive anti-aging effect and hydrates your skin. Next step is sugar peeling with alfa-hydroxids for reducing old skin cells and for polishing and cleaning your skin. This peeling also contains virgin coconut oil and extracts from exotic nuts, what causes deeply hydrated and nourished skin. At the end is applied body butter with milk proteins which is helpful with reduction of wrinkles. Soya and passionflower calms stressed skin, coconut oil is enriched with natural vitamins A, B, C and E provides the skin with healthy and beautiful appearence. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and this procedure is appropriate in every season of the year. Treatment brings not only eliminating of old skin cells, but also relax and release from exhaustion and stress. 

Ritual Matamanoa, 70 min.


Matamanoa is an original wholebody Fiji massage by warm seashells and cold scallops. Reheats and regenerates muscles, relieves physical and mental tension. Treatment ends with massage of facial and hair part of the head.

Aroma massage, 50 min.


During massage are used silica oils, which acts as therapy for mind and body and overall have positive affect for the nervous system. This massage helps to support the immune system and activate or stabilize the psyche. Before massage you can choose from different kinds of oils.

Regenerating skin cleaning – back, 15 min.


This peeling is perfect prepare for any massage, because leaves skin clean, smooth and hydrated. Peeling is also suitable as sole cleaning cure. Cleaning is very pleasant and relaxing.

Reflexology Foot massage, 30 min.


All nerve endings of the human body results in a reflective points that corresponds to special body organs or body areas. Up to 90% of these points is located on your footprints, so the foot is a reduced image of human body. It is one of the most effective methods of alternative medicine, because this massage positively affects the metabolism, reduces back and spine pain and also helps with prevention of cancer cells formation. After the massage, the body becomes more resistant and balanced, client leaves with a sense of light legs.

Reflex antistress feet procedure, 50 min.


This outstanding combination of purification and reflexology feet massage immediately removes feeling of heavy and tired feet. During the procedure at first your feet are cleaned with warm relaxing wrap and prepared for a special feet scrub with content of sea salt minerals, lychee, shea butter, jojoba and macadamia oil. These ingredients have antibacterial, moisturizing, nourishing and firming effects, contain vitamins, minerals and unsatured fatty acids. After peeling the feet are free of dead skin cells, hydrated and supple skin remains pleasantly. The procedure is completed spot-motion foot reflex massage, which improves entire metabolism, reduces pain of back and spine and also helps like prevention of formation cancer cells. It is one of the most effective methods of alternative medicine. After the reflexology feet massage, the body becomes more resistant and balanced and client feels light feet. It is a unique procedure for rest and relaxation.

Exclusive paraffin hand or feet wrap, 20 min.


This nourishing and deeply hydrating paraffin wrap is perfect as complement to any massage or procedure. It is suitable also as sole treatment especially for cracked, dry and withered skin on hands and feet. Wrap is disposable, always intended only for one client.

Luxury hand or foot care, 60 min.


Treat your hands or feet with real relaxing care which helps them get back youthful appaerance. This tretament contains bath of your hands or feet, then revitalizing and hydrating peeling, relaxing and reflective massage of hands and forearms or feet and shins. Procedure ends by luxury paraffin wrap, enriched with nourishing and hydrating elements. Treatment richly helps with cracked heels or dry, withered skin of hands and feet.

Complete recovery, 70 min.


This procedure begins with calming massage with oil enriched with beer wort which thoroughly nourish skin. It continues with mud wrap from the Dead Sea, which has anti-cellulite effect and regenerating and therapeutic effect.This procedure is helpful for blood circulation , prevent acne, psoriasis and rheumatic difficulties. It contains many minerals helpful for body. Procedure is ended with nourishing oil and salt bath containing almond oil, cereal extracts and beer wort.

Source of Youth, 70 min.


Source of Youth is procedure, which begins with cleansing peeling reducing dead skin cells. Next step is aroma massage with special oil made from vine, enriched with unique natural antioxidants called polyphenyl, rejuvenates and strenghtens skin. Oil has anti-cellulite and firming effect. These substances effectively break down free radicals which causing skin aging and loose of elasticity. Procedure is ended with calming bath with mix of herbs and oil with vine, which support blood circulation, eliminate tension and stress.

Peace in soul, 70 min.


Peace of soul is a procedure aimed for total relaxation and calming body and mind. Rose has a calming effect on the body and massage has regenerating effect. This is reason why this combination helps to body to find lost energy. Procedure is completed by soothing flower and salt bath.

Antistress procedure, 70 min.


Relaxing wholebody massage with lavender oil will calm your nerve system and following bath with salt from Dead sea, lavender and mix of herbs supports total release of body and mind.

Facial massage 25 min.


Facial massage helps prevent skin aging and wrinkles, promotes regeneration, increases skin elasticity, has a positive effect on the psyche and significantly reduces facial tension, giving the face a clear and firmer skin, pleasant expression and smile.

Therapeutic massages

Breuss massage, 50 min.


Breuss massage is very effective and gentle therapy, which has an energetic and beneficial effect especially on the spine. It is a sensitive energetic manual massage along the spine to dissolve physical, energetic and emotional blockages. It stretches the spine and decompresses the vertebrae. Through the use of special St. Johns Wort oil the BREUSS Massage helps the regeneration process of undernourished intervertebral discs.

Dead Sea Touch, 60 min.


The beneficial effects of Dead Sea mud have been proven for thousands of years. They regenerate, hydrate and soothe the skin, remineralize it and remove dead cells from it. In combination with the massage they have a beneficial effect on rheumatic and joint pains and the final thermal wrap harmonizes and deeply relaxes the whole organism.

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