Wellness Entry

Price list

Wellness Entry Price List
Type of entry adult child
Swimming pool entry (2hours)10€6€
Swimming pool entry (3 hours)12€7€
Swimming pool entry (2hours) plus (sauna and salt inhalation)20€-
Swimming pool entry (3hours) plus (sauna and salt inhalation)27€-
45 min. Salt inhalation room + infra sauna – as
separate entry possible daily until 12:00.
Extra time fee charge (for each started 30 min. beyond the purchased entry time, calculated upon returning the bracelet at the reception)2€1€

Children under 3,99 years of age enjoy free access to the swimming pool and kid’s pool.
The child entry fee is for children aged from 4 to 14.99 years.
The entrance fee to  the salt inhalation room is for children from 0-14.99 years.
Adult entry fee is for persons aged 15 years and older.

ATTENTION: The entire wellness center will be closed from: 15.8.2023 to 3.9.2023 inclusive.

Operating hours for saunas

Monday: closed.
Tuesday: entrance infrared sauna and salt inhalation room from 09:00-20:00, also children.
Wednesday: closed.
Thursday - Sunday and public holidays: infrared sauna entrance and salt inhalation room from 10:00-14:00, also children.
Sauna / Finnish, steam, infrared / + salt inhalation room from 16:00-20:00
The guest can turn on the infrared sauna directly in the infrared sauna. The infrared sauna automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of operation.

Rental price list

Towels, sheets and bathrobes can be rented at the reception for a fee. Please, return used items to collection baskets found at the wellness center.

Wellness towel3€
Sauna sheet3€

Guests are allowed to bring their own towels, sheets and slippers to the wellness center.  In the saunas, visitors are required to use sauna sheet. By purchasing the entry including saunas, each guest receives one sauna sheet. We strive to protect the environment, so towels, sheets and bathrobes are not included in the entrance fees and are not given to guests automatically. You can rent them directly at the reception for a fee. Please, be so kind and return used items to collection baskets found at the wellness center.

Wellness pass

Wellness hotel SPARK allows guests to buy a pass to the wellness center, which can be used for any wellness services.

Value of the pass Discount
1-50€without discount
346€ and more20%

Wellness hotel SPARK allows guests to buy a wellness card, which can be used exclusively for wellness services. The card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. 

The price list is valid from 30.02.2022. The hotel reserves the right to make any changes.


Wellness center rules

  1. Children under 3,99 years of age are not allowed in the hot tub.
  2. Children who wear a diaper shall wear a special diaper suitable for use in the water or a special diaper swimsuit.
  3. Children under 14.99 years have prohibited access to the sauna area.
  4. Children from 0 to 14.99 years can visit the salt inhalation room and infrared sauna daily until 12:00 - noon time and only when the  wellness center is opened. This entry is charged as an entry for a child - 45minutes for 2EUR/child.
  5. Restrictions in the operation of the wellness center can always be found in the NOTES section.
  6. After 18:00 o´clock, there is a relaxation mode in the wellness center. At this time, considerate behavior of visitors with respect to other wellness visitors is required.
  7. The minimum fee for access to the wellness center is stated above according to the valid price list. If the guest fails to meet this time, there is a surcharge of 2EUR / adult and 1EUR / child for every started 30 minutes. The guest is required to pay this fee when handing the bracelet at the recepction.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to consume food or drink in the swimming pool, whirlpool, in the children's pool, in all saunas and in the salt inhalation room.
  9. Guests can use the tables with chairs found in the pool hall to consume drinks.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to bring any glass items to the wellness center.
  11. If a guest wishes to order a drink at the wellness center, they can do so via the computer -  tablet located on a wall in the pool hall nearby the tables. The waiter will bring drinks to the pool hall in eco cups, not in the glass cups. Please consume drinks in the tables area, only. 
  12. The tablet in the pool hall is also used to call the waiter, in case you do not know how to make an order. Also, the tablet can be used to  check the time spent since the bracelet has been activated. 
  13. Entry to the sauna area is only possible in combination with entry to the pool area. It is not possible to buy a separate entrance only to the sauna area. Surcharge for sauna area is 9EUR / person.
  14. By purchasing the “pool + sauna” entry, the guest receives one sauna sheet and a bottle of water,  free of charge.
  15. Access to the Finnish sauna is only possible when using the sauna sheet. Please leave used sauna sheets in collection baskets in the pool hall. It is forbidden to use colored towels, bath towels or any colored sheets in the Finnish sauna. 
  16. Access to the wellness center is only at your own risk.
  17. Children (0-18years old) access to wellness only if accompanied by an adult and only under the responsibility of the accompanying adult.
  18. One adult can accompany maximum 2  children.
  19. Children may bathe in the children's pool only if accompanied by an adult, and the children's pool is intended only for children under 6 years of age.
  20. Adults cannot bathe in the children's pool. They can sit on the edges of the pool.
  21.  The hotel operator is not responsible for personal belongings forgotten in the wellness area.
  22. We recommend our guests to store valuables in the safe in the hotel room or in the safe in the hotel reception.
  23. The hotel reserves the right to restrict the operation of the wellness center depending on the occupancy. We recommend to check availability for non-accommodated guests in advance by phone on tel. no. Reception: 034/7746203.

By purchasing an entry, each visitor of the wellness center agrees with the above-mentioned general operating rules of the wellness center, including the individual operating rules for swimming pools, saunas and salt inhalation rooms, and declares that they have read, understood, and abide by them. 

Operating rules are publicly available at the reception and posted in the wellness center in Slovak language. It is each guest's responsibility to carefully read and familiarize themselves with the operating rules before purchasing the entry.

Private rental of wellness center

2-hour wellness rental from 9: 00-15: 00 hours for 160 € / entrance max.10 people; from 15:00 - 21:00 hours for 280 € / max. 10 persons. Wellness rental for 3 hours after 21:00 for 500 € / max. 10 persons.

Wellness center rental must be reported by the guest min. 24hrs. in advance and is valid only if it is paid in advance and also confirmed in writing by the hotel.

The hotel reserves the right to make any changes.

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